The Bundesliga side have a tough ask on their hands as they go into the second leg against the Gers with a two-goal deficit, while also missing their star striker Erling Haaland.


In the first leg 4-2 defeat suffered by the German side at home, only 10,000 fans were allowed inside the stadium but a full capacity Ibrox awaits them in the second leg.



Rose is delighted that Dortmund can play in front of a full set of fans again as he believes the atmosphere they create is integral for the full footballing experience.


The Dortmund coach is sure that his players can soak up the atmosphere and use it to push themselves forward as they try to reach the next round.



“We’re happy that we can finally play in a full stadium again”, Rose said in a press conference ahead of the game against Rangers.


“Atmosphere makes football.



“We have to adopt the mood because it helps the opponent.


“And we should try to absorb it and use it for ourselves.


“If we can do that, it can be really fun.”


The Gers will head into the game in a tricky position as they decide whether to attack to further increase their advantage or defend to hold onto it.