After wide condemnation, the Super League’s first attempt failed and all of the English clubs that were going to be part of the project have now withdrawn.


However, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid have remained members of the project and the Turin club’s chairman Andrea Agnelli is set to propose a new model for the Super League today.



The new Super League is expected to include a promotion/relegation clause unlike the first version where the clubs remained static.


Ceferin has been critical of the Super League and his latest outburst against the project has been retweeted by Leeds supremo Radrizzani.



The UEFA president refused to acknowledge the idea of the Super League as a footballing project and questioned why the proposals have been presented only during turbulent times.





Supporters of the teams that were not invited to the Super League have widely been critical of the Super League as a way for the clubs to maintain the status quo.


And as the owner of a club that got promoted to the top flight only in the 2019/20 season, Radrizzani looks to approve of the criticism.