In his first match in charge of the Whites on Saturday, Marsch’s team narrowly lost 1-0 to Leicester City but it was an improvement from their previous five games when they had conceded at least three goals.


After the game, Marsch decided to call in his group of players for an impromptu huddle in the middle of the King Power pitch, that provoked a range of reactions.



Agbonlahor falls on the detractor side as he thinks the huddle made Marsch look amateur and insists even the players were not sure how to react to what was a college basketball style move.


Instead, the ex-Premier League star thinks Marsch should have delivered the same encouraging speech to his players in the dressing room.



Speaking on talkSPORT, Agbonlahor said: “I am not sure about that huddle as well in the middle of the pitch.


“Honestly, it was like watching a college basketball huddle in the middle of the court.



“I know he doesn’t want to be [Ted Lasso], he doesn’t want to be, but even the players were looking at him and they were like ‘what’s he doing?’


“Do that in the changing room, get in the changing room and tell them you know what, that was better today, well done, unlucky to not get something from the game.


“Doing it in the middle of the pitch was so cringe and honestly the players would have been thinking exactly the same.”


Some have drawn comparisons between Marsch and Phil Brown, who had a team talk on the pitch at half-time at Hull City in a game against Manchester City.