Gerrard is an important figure in Rangers’ history as they got the Gers back to the top of Scottish football when he led them to their first Scottish Premiership title in over a decade last season.


The nature of his departure from Rangers in the middle of the season when he decided to join Aston Villa left an unsavoury taste in Glasgow, but he is still a big figure in the club’s fabric.



However, it took three years for Rangers to win the league and stop Celtic from winning ten league titles in a row under Gerrard.


The former midfielder admitted that he fancied gunning down Celtic when he agreed to take up the job but conceded that he only understood the level of the challenge he took upon himself after he moved to Glasgow.



He stressed that the gap with Celtic was bigger than he anticipated and he basically had to improve each aspect of Rangers behind the scenes, apart from building a good football team.


Gerrard said on Gary Neville’s The Overlap show: “There was the belief at the time that we can go and knock Celtic over.



“I thought that you know Brendan [Rodgers] is up there, he has done top, he had a certain period of time and why can’t we go and challenge that?


“I know there was a gap, but probably realised when I went into the job that the gap was a lot bigger.


“There was a lot more that needed doing, in terms of improving the infrastructure, the facilities, we needed a better medical department, it needed a brand new canteen, it needed a better gym, needed better football pitches and it needed a lot of things.


“You go up there and realised that a lot of other things needed to be done as well as improving the gap.”


Rangers are unlikely to retain the title that Gerrard won last season but under Giovanni van Bronckhorst they have reached the semi-finals of the Europa League.