Klopp’s Liverpool side are renowned for playing an attacking brand of football and last season they were the only team, along with Manchester City, to cross the 90-goal mark in the Premier League.


On the flip side, Klopp has been critical of sides that stay back or do not attempt much forward movement, even Real Madrid, when the Reds lost to them in the Champions League final last season.



Ranieri revealed that he despises playing out from the back, explaining that only a few players can do it successfully and penetrate the opposite defence.


The former Leicester City manager praised Liverpool under Klopp though, being awed by the team’s insistence on penetrating deep instead of moving the ball horizontally or rolling it backwards.



Speaking to Italian daily Corriere dello Sport about building from the back, Ranieri said: “I hate it.


“It’s true that if you get three or four passes done well you nullify the opponents’ high pressure and a chasm opens up in their defence.



“But to get that kind of precision you need players with special characteristics and not everyone can afford them.


“I admire Klopp’s Liverpool who habitually look for depth, they don’t stand there making eight hundred horizontal or backwards passes.”


Liverpool will be hoping that their forward thinking can get them scoring again, as despite a host of chances they failed to do so against Everton in their last Premier League match.