With the loss to Crystal Palace this weekend, Leeds made it five consecutive games without a win and they now sit just three points above the relegation zone.


Leeds led in the match, but two goals from Crystal Palace sealed their fate, along with missing their own chances.



Walton believes that strong teams have a nastiness and a ruthlessness to them that is lacking in the Leeds players right now.


The ex-Leeds star explained that nastiness does not necessarily mean playing rough, but showing controlled desire to do the right things in the critical moments without hesitating.



Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds post match, Walton said: “Good teams that can win games have a nastiness to them, a ruthlessness and when I say nastiness and ruthlessness, I don’t mean going around kicking people.


“They have a nastiness to sometimes do the things that are bordering on the line of fair play to win games.



“And I feel we are very nice and we are a lovely group of lads and everyone looks to be in lovely spirit.


“But you need that nastiness and that, I don’t want to say desire because I don’t mean desire, but just that killer instinct to do the right things and that could be scoring goals, that could be clearing your lines, that could be making the right decisions to pass and that could be taking a foul when you’ve got to take a foul.


“I just think we lack in that area and that they are the areas that matter the most.”


Leeds did have more fouls over the weekend than their opponents, but the five game winless streak has seen them drop points to Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Brentford and Everton, all bottom half opposition.