The Yorkshire outfit appointed Daniel Farke at the beginning of the season to take them back into the Premier League and under him, Leeds are currently in third place in the league table.


After arriving at Elland Road, Farke introduced a dinner table rule at Leeds that everyone has to eat together at the same table and no one is allowed to leave until everyone has finished.




Bamford revealed that Poveda keeps everyone waiting at the dinner table as he is slowest to finish his food and he added that the forward argues that properly chewing is important for digesting.


“You are not allowed [to leave] until the last player on your table has finished eating”, Bamford on the My Mate’s a Footballer podcast.



“So everyone has to sit and wait until the last player has finished eating.


“Which is okay when you are on a circular table of five because you can pick who you want to eat with because you know… Ian Poveda, honestly I have never met a guy who eats so slowly in my life.



“His argument is that you are not digesting the food properly because you are not chewing it, but everyone else disagrees.


“Honestly, he takes forever!”


Poveda has featured five times so far in the league for Leeds and has started one game for them so far this season.


He will be hungry for more opportunities to feature under Farke.