Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer believes that the Magpies will have to sign at least three or four top-quality players in the summer to challenge for a top-four finish next season.


After a bright finish to last season following their takeover, the Magpies have found it hard to replicate their form this season.


They are currently placed tenth in the league table and with ten matches remaining and with a 16-point gap to bridge, a top-four finish looks a distant dream.



Eddie Howe will have to start making preparations for next season though and Shearer believes that for Newcastle to battle for a top-four finish it will be important that they sign at least three or four top-quality players in the summer.


“If Newcastle can’t spend, then I don’t think the top-four is possible”, Shearer said in a Q&A session with The Athletic.



“If they can spend, it all depends on how much they can spend.


“There’s no doubt about it that they need to go out and sign three or four top-quality players to try and get into the top four next season.


“At this stage, I have no idea if they’re going to be able to do that or not.


“Will they have to sell players to do it and if so, who?”



Newcastle United are walking the sustainability rules tightrope and it has affected their ability to spend.


It has been suggested the Premier League will change the financial rules this summer following criticism that it stops other clubs challenging the bigger teams.