Former Netherlands star Ryan Babel has warned Arne Slot that it will not be too long before frustration kicks in at Liverpool if he does not make an instant impact at Anfield.


Slot is all but confirmed to be the next Liverpool manager after they worked out a compensation agreement with Feyenoord.


An announcement is expected to be made soon and the Dutchman will be in the dugout at Anfield at the start of next season.



Babel stressed that a Dutch manager will want to adhere to his style of football, especially since he is moving from one of the bigger teams of the Eredivisie.


However, he pointed out that as Erik ten Hag has found at Manchester United, it is not always that straightforward to implement a set vision in the Premier League.



He indicated that Slot needs a good squad and time to implement his style, but stressed that given Jurgen Klopp’s success, patience will run thin at Anfield if the Dutchman does not make a good start as Liverpool manager.


“A Dutch manager will naturally want to play football, especially if they have been in the top three in Holland”, Babel told The Athletic.



“But different rules apply in the Premier League.


“Erik ten Hag had done a very good job at Ajax, the players he had there could really execute his vision and that made him look good as a coach.


“And now he’s at Man United, a big team as well.


“He wanted to apply his vision but, for some reason, it doesn’t really come and now people question whether he is a really good manager or not.


“So it’s a fine line to see if a new coach has the squad in place to immediately realise their vision.


“New coaches always naturally have time, the question is how much time does Slot get?


“Liverpool have been spoilt with the Jurgen Klopp philosophy and era. I think anything less, then frustration will kick in very, very quickly.”


Slot will be bringing staff from Feyenoord with him as part of the transition, but it has yet to be confirmed if he will have anyone with Premier League experience on his backroom team.