Jurgen Klopp has insisted that outgoing Liverpool star Thiago Alcantara could do things that seemed impossible but indicated that it is a shame that he could not enjoy the midfielder without injuries.


Liverpool signed the midfielder Bayern Munich in the summer of 2020, but he has made just 98 appearances over four seasons at the club.


He has made just one appearance this season for the Reds and has missed the entirety of the campaign due to injuries.



Thiago is set to leave the club as a free agent this summer and Klopp paid tribute to the player he signed four years ago.


He admitted that he would have loved to enjoy the midfielder without all the injuries as he has unreal talent and did things on the pitch that did not seem possible.



The Liverpool manager said in a press conference: “In a parallel world I would have loved to see the career without injuries.


“He can do things I didn’t think possible.



“He is in control of everything on the pitch, but unfortunately the body didn’t play a part.”


Thiago will now look to find a new club and he has attracted interest from several clubs, including a few from Saudi Arabia.