Ex-Rangers star Neil McCann pointed out that there are one or two players in the Gers side who have not been working out of possession.


Rangers finished second in the Scottish Premiership and failed to stop their city rivals Celtic from lifting the trophy for the for the third time in a row.


Philippe Clement’s side have not managed to win a game against Celtic this season, and they are determined to change that record in the Scottish Cup final this weekend.



McCann believes that Rangers have to work on maintaining their shape when they are not on the ball and pointed out that there are players in Clement’s side who are not working out of possession.


The former Rangers star pointed out that Brendan Rodgers instructs his full-backs to move into the middle of the pitch to overload opposition and warned that failing to maintain their shape could cost the Gers the match.



“I’d like to see Rangers try something different, but I don’t think they will”, McCann told BBC Scotland.


“They need to get their structure right outside of possession.



“Celtic are very incisive.


“They try to play through the middle and I think that’s where they really hurt Rangers.


“Rangers not getting back into shape, with one or two players not working out of possession – if you do that against Celtic because of the way they move their full-backs into the middle of the pitch to get an overload then they become a really dangerous side.”


The last time Rangers met Celtic in the Scottish Cup final was in the 2001/02 season, when the Ibrox outfit came out victorious with a 3-2 scoreline.