Leeds United will not be open to any discussions over renaming the club, Elland Road or changing their shirt colour despite Red Bull purchasing a minority stake in the club, according to The Athletic.


With Leeds preparing for another season in the Championship, the club are set to get a financial boost after it emerged global soft drinks brand Red Bull have struck a deal to buy a minority stake in the club.


Leeds are owned by the 49ers, who arrived at Elland Road as minority owners in 2018 before buying 100 per cent of the club.



They have decided to sell part of the club to Red Bull in return for significant investment and the brand become their shirt sponsor from next season onwards.


However, it has been claimed that Red Bull will not have any access to renaming the club, Elland Road or changing Leeds’ shirt colour.



The global soft drinks have a large stable of clubs and have gained notoriety for rebranding clubs to suit them.


But that will not be open to discussion at Leeds where Red Bull are also not getting access to a board seat.



Leeds will hope Red Bull’s arrival will ease any financial concerns following their failure to get promoted to the Premier League this season.