Chelsea spent big in the last transfer window and have made a solid start to the season with 18 points from their opening nine Premier League games.


They are just two points off the top of the league table at the moment and many feel they could be serious contenders for the Premier League title.



Lampard admits that compared to last season the expectations have changed due to the money the club spent in the window, but he still does not believe they are quite at the level of Liverpool or Manchester City.


The Chelsea manager feels his team are still a year away from showing the kind of consistency needed to win the league title, but conceded that whether the owner agrees with him is something he is not aware of.



Lampard told The Athletic: “Last year we had younger players and we were searching and so it felt different. I know that won’t last forever.


“I’ve already said that this year looks different again.



“I still feel like we’re developing, like the plan may not ‘take’ this season but next season in terms of really competing and getting the consistent level that Liverpool and Manchester City can produce.


“They’ve done that over a period. Even Pep [Guardiola].


“He won during that spell, but it’s been quite a long time of developing and it feels like we’re in a different position to that.


“But I can’t be the one to call that.


“It’s always going to be the owner’s shout.”


Lampard will be looking to close the gap at the top of the league table this season, but it remains to be seen whether that is good enough for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.