The Toffees were humiliated by Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park as they were thumped 4-0 by the home team in the FA Cup.


Following Sunday’s defeat, Everton boss Lampard blasted his players for lacking the courage to give a good fight on the pitch.



Ex-Toffees star Nevin has revealed that he is gutted for Lampard as he has started to find out that some of his charges are not brave enough to take risks and put up a strong fight on the pitch.


However, Nevin stressed that he is not surprised that some Everton players are letting their boss down as it has been the case at Goodison Park for some time.



“He is basically saying you have not got it; you have not got the bravery to stand up”, Nevin told Off The Ball.


“He is saying it is the players, but he has not named exactly what players, but I tell you what, those guys in the team know exactly who it is, absolutely know who it is.



“See, if you can get one or two or maybe three that are not brave enough to go and show it, you are absolutely stuffed in this league, they are completely stuffed in this league.


“And I absolutely feel for Frank.


“I absolutely feel for him because you throw somebody into that position and say to them ‘right okay, I will get you out’ but you expect that basic amount of bravery and he is just saying I am not seeing it from enough players.


“I am gutted for the guy but I am not surprised because it has been there for a while.”


Having exited the FA Cup in sorry fashion, Lampard will look for a positive reaction from his players on 3rd April when they take on West Ham United at the London Stadium in the league post the ongoing international break.