Guardiola has won three Premier League titles at Manchester City since joining in 2016 and could add his fourth league title at the Etihad this season.


There are suggestions from some that the Manchester City boss is often handled with kid gloves by the media and him and his style of football have been treated as something mythical despite his club’s massive spending record and superior budget to their rivals.



Keys pointed out the way Guardiola is treated differently to other managers as he is often namechecked as Pep rather than his surname and insists that it sounds a bit stupid.


The veteran broadcaster claimed that the Manchester City manager has been deified in England and insisted that he should be treated as any other football coach.



Keys wrote on his personal blog: “I’m already looking forward to Pep’s semi-final with Jurgen.


“Patrick must be delighted that Palace are there at the expense of his old adversary Frank. Well done Thomas. Wow – what a job he’s doing at Chelsea – despite all the problems. Incidentally, who gets the money from s/f ticket sales? What a mess govt has made of Chelsea.



“Good to see that Antonio has got Spurs motoring again. David’s boys didn’t really get going Sunday did they?


“Brendan will be chuffed to bits with Leicester’s win – which leaves Brentford 15th – exactly where the mathematicians at Thomas’s club said they would finish. Right now – that looks most likely.


“Steven can’t be happy with Villa’s capitulation Friday, but it’s quite a run Mikel’s boys are on.


“Daft isn’t it? Daft if we start using the first names of all our coaches. Please – let’s stop this pathetic grovelling and fawning to ‘Pep’. It’s Guardiola.


“None of us know him well enough to refer to him by his first name. His team play lovely football – but he isn’t some kind of messiah. He’s a football coach. His name is Guardiola. Enough of ‘Pep’ eh? It gets on my nerves.”


Guardiola’s current contract expires at the end of next season and he could leave Manchester City next year.