Real Madrid’s 3-1 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge has given them firm control of their Champions League quarter-final tie.


Tuchel claimed after the game that the tie is not alive anymore despite Chelsea managing to score at home due to the nature of the defeat.



The Chelsea boss sounded beaten after the game and Warnock thinks that he just sounded too negative for his own good and did not have the belief that his side would be able to turn it around.


He stressed that the players need to get positive vibes from the manager in order to believe that they can get a result and insisted that it was wrong of the German to just give up after the first leg.



Warnock said on talkSPORT: “That’s probably the worst I have heard from him in an interview since he has been at Chelsea.


“I didn’t sense that he believed that he could turn it around.



“I think the players have got to have the manager talking as if they can believe in him and I don’t think it was good vibe last night.


“I know it’s 3-1 and it’s almost impossible but if you have seen these games turn on some silly coin and a goal early doors so you can’t just put the white flag up.


“He didn’t sound good last night.”


Chelsea will be desperate to get back to winning ways when they travel to Southampton on Saturday.