Chelsea are on the verge of signing the England international from Manchester City for a fee of £45m this summer.


The final negotiations are still ongoing but Sterling has given his nod to the move and has already agreed on personal terms on a contract with Chelsea.



Chelsea are hopeful that the winger will add a new dimension to the squad but Jordan does not feel he is not going to be the game-changing signing that it is being perceived on paper.


The former Crystal Palace owner does not believe that Sterling is the player who could take Chelsea to the next level and bridge the gap to the top.



He stressed that the winger has been good for Manchester City but he was never outstanding otherwise the club would not be looking to sell him this summer.


Jordan said on talkSPORT: “On paper, because of the name and because of where he is coming from and who he is going to and what state Chelsea are at due to the new ownership model and post-Abramovich, it looks like a really big statement signing.



“I personally don’t think it is.


“I don’t think it is going to be the missing piece to bridge the gap between where Chelsea are and where they want to be.


“I don’t think he excelled with Manchester City, I think he did okay with Manchester City.


“If he had excelled for Manchester City, he wouldn’t be leaving Manchester City with the problem being he is not getting enough games.


“No one would say Raheem Sterling is not a good player, but I don’t think he does enough.”


Sterling has been keen to find a club where he will be a key player and will play in most of the big games.