The Toffees made a slow start to their Premier League campaign after avoiding relegation narrowly last season however, they have racked up a few positive results recently in the league.


Currently, they are sitting 15th in the Premier League table with ten points from ten league matches so far.




Stone insisted that the football analysts at Everton have told them that the club’s statistics on expected goals and getting players in the box during different phases of play are good.


He also stressed that the analysts also let them know when something is not right so that the coaching staff can work on that as well.



“The analysts, who are purely analytical rather than football, are coming to us and saying the numbers are strong”, Stone told the Toffees’ in-house media.


“The bodies we’re getting in the box, the xG has been spoken about quite a lot but that’s looking good as well, all of it.



“The data has backed up what our eyes have been telling us and we have to continue working how we have been.


“Also, it must be said, the analysts aren’t here just to tell us how good things are – they are here to tell us when things aren’t looking right as well – and, of course, we welcome that when that is the case.”


Everton boss Sean Dyche will be looking to see his side continue their momentum and move clearly away from the relegation zone.